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Replacement Windows

As time goes by, the windows on your home start todeteriorate. What does this mean for your family’s comfort? You’re left withdrafty, chipped, inefficient windows, and skyrocketing energy bills! Ratherthan wait until things get that far, it’s in your best interest to be proactiveand install replacementwindows as soon as they’re needed.

In order to get the best value for your investment, youshouldn’t install just any products, nor should you trust the job to just anywindow company! Instead, you should come to C. Michael Exteriors forpremium-quality products at affordable prices. Our BBB-accredited companyguarantees your complete satisfaction with your window replacement, because wework hard to get the best possible beauty, durability, and efficiency with ourprofessional installation services.

Our Selection of Beautiful Replacement Windows

Whether you’re replacing windows for improved appearance, energy efficiency, orboth, we have a comprehensive selection of window replacement products to meet your needs:

Benefits of Our Vinyl Windows

Durable Builds

Our fusion-welded vinyl windows are designed to be incredibly strong and resistantto damage so that they can hold up to the harsh elements and the demands of dailyuse.

Increased Efficiency

With thermal protection and tight seals, our energy efficient windowscan optimize the efficiency of your home for lower heating and cooling costs.

Customization Options

You can work with one of our talented designers to customizethe color, style, and size of any of our replacement windows to suit your needs, budget,and your home’s exterior.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other materials, you never have to worry aboutstaining, painting, or refinishing these durable vinyl windows.

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Would you like to find out more about the cost of hiring ourlocal professionals to help you with your window replacement project? If so, weencourage you to contact C. Michael today! You can fill out our online form orgive us a call to request a complimentary quote based on your details. You canalso schedule an in-home consultation over the phone if you would like a moreaccurate project estimate.